Our Facilities & Benefits

Our Facilities & Benefits

Current Space and Expansion Projections

  • Big storage area for customer equipment delivery.
  • Large area for customer equipment staging & testing.

Gulf Data Hub

Dubai 1 3000 m2
Dubai 2 3000 m2
Saudi Arabia
Jeddah 8000 m2
Qatar 6000 m2
Egypt 6000 m2
Abu Dhabi 6000 m2
Bahrain 3000 m2
Saudi Arabia
Riyadh 6000 m2
DIFC 3000 m2
Kuwait 6000 m2
Muscat 4000 m2
Jordan 6000 m2
Morocco 6000 m2
Turkey 6000 m2

Other Salient Features

Data Centre Facility

  • Purposefully built Data Centre.
  • Geographical location for the Data Centre has been selected carefully for : Easy access , 20 min from the city centre.
  • Near to the utility providers.
  • Professionally handled and managed.

Carrier Neutral (DU & Etisalat)

We offer best 5 benefits of Carrier Neutrality

  • High degree of Redundancy with fault tolerant fibre .
  • Cost Effectiveness .
  • Uninterrupted Connectivity.
  • Utmost Reliability with 99.98% SLA.
  • Easy Portability.

Authenticity & Scalability

  • Certified ( LEED ,Uptime institute )
  • 24x7 onsite Support (Operations, security, maintenance, smart hands teams)
  • Huge expansion space availability up to 6000 Sq. Meter of white space.
  • Ready offices available for customers.
  • Availability for the Cloud solution.
  • Ability to host either main and/or disaster recovery systems.

Round the Clock Connectivity

  • Availability of the international telecom companies for Cross Connection.
  • Ready for High density equipment up to 30KW+ power load.
  • High bandwidth availability and expansion from Telco companies.
  • Capacity to provide hardware & software including networking plus support.

Energy, Safety & Cost Efficiency

  • Billing is as per actual consumption or usage.
  • One single bill will be introduced to customer for all services.
  • High bandwidth availability and expansion from Telco companies.
  • Segregation of each infrastructure system in separate room .
  • Maintenance of any system will not affect other systems or customer equipment
  • Racks & equipment up to the maximum height, width, depth and weight.
  • Equipped with redundant power & cooling systems.
  • Customer can use other GDH data centres in other cities or countries as disaster recovery.
  • Financial sector and stock exchange companies can avoid Telco charges for connection to Thomson Reuters.
  • Data centre is monitored using 30 fps CCTV system 24x7 and stored for 30 days.
  • Provision for satellite installation.
  • Availability to provide single to three phase power.
  • Roof free of services, increases the safety level and facilitates maintenance.

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