Carrier Neutral Collocation

Carrier Neutral Collocation

Ours is the most appropriate carrier neutral hosting facility entwined with high degree of redundancy, cost effectiveness, connectivity, reliability and portability. We provide great blend of transit providers so you are assured of having best mélange of routes possible for your business. Choosing GDH would mean having multiple network carrier choices for you in order to avail the guarantee of maximum connectivity and increased market competition.

Maximum Flexibility

One of the easiest benefits to identify is the increase in flexibility. By selecting us, your business has the ability to select from multiple carriers. This minimizes costs while maximizing bandwidth speeds. It also provides an easy way to set up connectivity related redundancies based upon each businesses specific disaster recovery strategy.

Eliminates Potential for a Conflict of Interest

Another benefit is that it eliminates the potential for a conflict of interest to arise. We are not tied to a specific carrier hence we can provide the best service possible to you. This enhances and empowers GDH and you to remain uninterrupted and advocate smooth connectivity.

Allows Businesses to React to Market Changes

In order to cut costs, it is important for you to have the ability to react to market changes quickly. Bandwidth pricing comes down with GDH’s carrier neutral collocation facility allows you to explore new ways to reduce layouts as the markets change and prices fluctuate.

Allows GDH to Focus on other Support Services

Being carrier neutral allows us to address additional needs of our valued customers without a conflict of interest or be restrained to only offering pre-built packages.

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