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Manage It

Our Managed Services are flexible to meet all your infrastructure needs. For we know that your IT Infrastructure is one your most important assets. While initially getting it up and running can be a huge challenge, keeping it up to date, secure and high performing can require significantly more time, resources and flexibility. GDH’s portfolio of managed services, moves the weight of accountability for your infrastructure to us, and allows you to focus on your core business initiatives.


Our experienced team of managed services engineers works with you to design, deliver and maintain to build a custom hybrid, secure, flexible solution that meets your business needs today and far into the future! So you integrate GDH’s managed services to your existing environment or deploy them in standalone configurations, you get a degree of confidence and expertise that’s hard to match.


We are here to take the burden off your shoulders as we manage IT Infra and Solutions for your enterprise and business. We manage your equipment and space in a way that you get instant enterprise level update for the industry most relevant for you.

Our Portfolio

Dedicated Hardware

Dedicated hardware hosted in secure GDH Data Centre environment with 24x7 availability. A server is probably the most vital component of your IT infrastructure, and as your applications grow in complexity, so do your server requirements. You want your applications and websites to experience the best performance imaginable, while you need flexibility and agility for future growth, and advanced control and security for your peace of mind.

GDH provides you with dedicated next‐generation servers built with the most advanced engineering, and hosted in security. Since it’s hosted in our data centre, the day‐to‐day challenges of hardware maintenance and infrastructure uptime are our responsibility.

Virtual DC / Cloud platforms

Managed Virtual Data Centre or cloud environment, with dedicated allocated resources enabling you to design, build and deploy virtual machines on-demand, and slice up resources as needed for day-to-day operations. A small rack of servers is deployed in seconds from any computer. GDH knows and understands the value of every single minute of waiting time can be an opportunity lost for the business and there comes our facility of cloud platforms. No need to buy new hardware to deploy a new application. Simply spin up a new application, and if needed, you can easily increase the capacity of your virtual data centre on‐demand.

Backup / Mishap Recovery

GDH presents managed, dedicated and shared backup solutions that can be deployed as a complement to your on-site office infrastructure or integrated with your GDH collocation, server or cloud implementations to provide increased peace of mind against data loss. Get automated protection with instant recovery from endpoints to servers. Protect your data from equipment failure, theft and disasters by backing it up to a safe and remote location.


Your managed storage solution is monitored and maintained by GDH round the clock, every single day. It is evident that your data is one of the most mission-critical components of your business so we ensure that it is always available to you whenever you need it.

Our solutions provide enterprise level data storage at an affordable price. Leveraging Storage Area Network (SAN), which is a local network of multiple devices that operate on disk blocks. And Network Attached Storage (NAS), a single storage device that operate on data files technologies our solutions enable you to securely store your data on high performance, high availability storage infrastructures housed within our secure data centre that can that easily scale as your storage requirements change. From slower, bulk storage space designed for backups and long term storage to high iSCSI SAN designed for intensive databases or virtualization, we have flexible solutions to meet the needs of all your applications.

Customers can opt to buy the hardware on Opex/Capex

Customers can opt to procure OS licenses on SPLA model

Assets can be transferred to customer after contract termination

Vendor coordination and SLA tracking would be delivered as a part of service

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