Security Services

Security Services

GDH proposes proactive managed security solutions, for today and tomorrow. We protect your IT Infrastructure investment from a wide range of potential online threats. The cost of a compromised network infrastructure within a business can be catastrophic and extremely expensive. Our solutions help you protect and secure your investment, using the latest and managed firewall technology. GDH helps safeguard your data by keeping malicious viruses and attacks from ever reaching your infrastructure. Our team of security experts track evolving threats and provide up-to-date defences so you can focus on your core business.


Managed Firewalls, Managed DDoS Mitigation and Advanced Intrusion Prevention services designed to protect your environment while offering network visibility and control. Growth brings more responsibility to the enterprise and the need for security and reliability grows along. Join hands with us to get best possible security solutions for your business as we committed to be vigilant 24x7 on your behalf so you focus more where you are required.

Managed Firewall

Managed Firewall service provides customers with dedicated, managed firewalls, securely hosted in our data centre. The Managed Firewall Service is designed to provide multiple layers of security from entry level border protection to advanced deep packet inspection intrusion detection with URL and web filtering.

DDoS Monitoring & Mitigation

DDoS Monitoring & Mitigation service offers organizations 24×7 proactive monitoring of their network infrastructure traffic analytics. We establish baseline statistics that create a traffic profile of your normal day-to-day networking activity. This custom traffic profile then provides us with actionable intelligence that we use to create your unique DDoS Mitigation plan.

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